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Juniorthon Family Run 2020

29 November 2020 - India
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Juniorthon is back to get you & your family moving. Change is the only thing that has been constant in 2020. And with the changing times, Juniorthon goes virtual this year.

Juniorthon Family Run 2020 is for you and your family! It is about being healthy, having fun, and not only accomplishing your personal goals but family goals together with your parents. Behind every good Cheerleader, there’s a devoted Parent who supports you, guides you, encourages you & believes in you. What better way to celebrate than to run/walk/jog along with one of your Parents at Juniorthon 2020 and show your gratitude & recognize their contribution in your life. If not your parent, you could run with a guardian or sibling.

For all those times when the Parents have kept their child’s health before theirs, Juniorthon gives a platform to every child to give their family the recognition they deserve by earning a FAMILY MEDAL in which the left (Finisher) & the right (Motivator) sides join together to form a megamedal that celebrates them & their family. This medal is a reward that both, the child & the parent will treasure all their lives!

This is a PAN India Virtual Run where children from different cities will be running at the same time. And, what’s better than the feeling of running with a community even though it’s virtually..!

Introduction to Juniorthon Family Run 2020

Juniorthon Family Run 2020 – Express your Gratitude

Run Details

Join the Juniorthon Family Run 2020 & earn the FAMILY MEDAL set and be able to give one of the medals to either of your parents / guardian / sibling who will accompany you in the run, but may not compulsorily finish the entire run with you. They are there alongside you to motivate you, cheer for you & to boost your confidence!

Event Duration

It is a weeklong event starting on 29th November 2020 from 06:00 hrs and ending on 6th December 2020 at 23:59 hrs only.


Children between 5 to 15 years to run along with their Parent / Guardian / Sibling


Distance Age
1 km Amateurs 5 yrs to 15 yrs
2 km Challengers 8 to 15 yrs
4 km Pros 8 to 15 yrs


It’s a race that gives you freedom to run your own route. Runners can take laps at any safe location (house, building compound, terrace, garden, nearby park, etc)

Registration Fee

₹ 299 (It includes Family Medal + e-Certificate)

How To Go About It

Carefully go through the terms & conditions & register for the run.

You will receive a confirmation email which has a link to submit your timings.

A printable e-Bib will be sent for you to wear during the run.

Download any tracking app on your phone. You can also use a GPS watch.

Select a safe run location.

Complete your run anytime within the event’s timeframe and track the activity with the app.

Once your run is saved, take a screenshot of your run which would show the distance you ran and upload it on the link which you will receive via email.

You can also upload a photo from your run of you along with the family member.

Run data can be submitted from 29th November 6 AM to 6th December, 2020 11:59 PM, post that no more run data will be accepted.

Runners will receive the e-certificate mentioning the actual distance covered by them.

Family Medal will be shipped to you post the run.

What is a Virtual Run and how can I participate in it:

Where to run?

Anywhere in the world! Literally anywhere that you have access to and is legally allowed. Ensure that you do not run in crowded places. Pick a route and time where the crowd is minimal and at the same time it is safe for your child to run. Ideally, we recommend you take laps at a safe place like your house, your building compound, your building terrace, nearby park, etc.

When to run?

The run should be any time between 29th November 6 AM to 6th December, 2020 11:59 PM. Any run outside these dates will not be accepted or considered.

How many runs to be within this duration?

You can run only once for the distance that you have registered. The run will have to be done within the stipulated duration. You can of course take water breaks or walk in the middle of your run or even take a quick rest break. For eg; You cannot run half the distance in the morning and the remaining half another time.

What Apps can be used to track the run?

Ideally you must use one of the below specified apps:

  1. Garmin
  2. Strava
  3. Nike Running Club
  4. Runtastic
  5. Runkeeper
  6. Map my Run

If you have a GPS watch, even better, track your run with your watch and share the data in any platform that you use.

If you have none of the above and you are just noting your time using your watch, that’s fine too, we have an option to manually add your timing.

Will the timing be verified?

In a virtual run there is only so much we can do to verify runs. Obviously if you say that your child ran the 4 Km under 5 minutes, then we will be sending our sponsor GARMIN to your house to sign you up as a brand ambassador. But hey, there is no leader board or prize money, so you are only competing with yourself and we are sure you will be true to yourself.

Having said that we will be doing a certain level of verification and where the data is questionable, we will request for your previous timing logs with sufficient proof before issuing certificates.

How to submit the run timing?

The email is sent which has a link to submit your timings. Upon clicking the link, you will get the option to enter your timings along with other information.
When you complete your run/walk, open the link and upload your time and distance into the link.

Please make sure that your run details capture:

  • Date
  • Start time
  • End time
  • App details
  • Distance

How to share the timing link:


Why is it called Family Run?

Family Run because it is compulsory for the junior to run under the supervision of an adult family member (parent, guardian, sibling)

Who should register?

This run is only for juniors in the age group of 6 to 15 years. Only the child has to be registered, and not the family member.

Is it compulsory for the family member to finish the run along with the junior?

No, the family member is only there alongside to motivate the junior throughout the run, he/she may not finish the entire run.

Whose running data should be submitted?

Only the junior’s running data needs to be submitted, and not the family member’s.

What do I wear for the run?

Wear comfortable sporting attire along with the printable e-Bib (t-shirt with shorts / track pants)

When will I receive the E-certificate?

E-Certificate will be sent after 7 days of event completion on the registered email id subject to timing validation.

When will I receive the medal?

Family Medal sets will reach you between 30 to 40 days of event completion. It may take longer than usual time to reach you due to the current scenario. Medal sets will be shipped together to one address only given at the time of registration.

Training Guide


Each individual is different and the training and preparation for a run will vary based on one’s fitness levels. Here are some tips to help you train and run efficiently for Juniorthon Family Run 2020.

Warm up and stretch those muscles: It’s important for the participants to warm up before starting the run by following the video that will be sent to you before the event by our Fitness Experts. Few light stretches include toe touches, reaching for the sky, and side to side rotation with hands on the hips. Brisk walking and jumps on the spot will help you warm up.

Relax when you run: Don’t strain yourself when running. Maintain a relaxed posture and maintain a regular breathing. Avoid sudden jerks and movements that don’t seem natural.

Arms and fists: Keep your arms loose and unclench your fists. Let your arms move freely as you run.

Pace yourself: Start slowly, let your body warm up and then get into a steady comfortable pace. A good pace to maintain is one where you can talk while you are running and aim to finish strong!

Water: Please carry water along with you & stay hydrated during the run. Take a sip of water before you feel thirsty and don’t wait until you have a parched throat. Sip slowly and do not gulp. Drinking too much water during a run can be harmful as going thirsty. So take measured sips at regular intervals.

First-Aid: It is advisable for parents to carry basic first-aid kit along with them incase of any emergency.

Alternate walking and running: If you are beginning to tire, slow down to a walking pace. Alternating between walking and running is a good way to cover a distance without tiring yourself out. If you are just starting out, this is a good way to train.

Stay motivated and enjoy your run: Focus on enjoying your run. This is not a race and all participants are winners.

Registration opens from

1st October 2020

Registration Inquiry Contact :

(+91) 8879 212 015 /

Sponsorship Contact : Amit Mehta:

(+91) 9920 607 766 /